Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mr. Beak

WOAH. Did you know that octopi can fit through anything that their hard beak can fit through? That is CRAZY! Their beak is like this big! Actually even tinier than that, blogger just wouldn't let me use such a small font size. Woweeeeeeee. I also enjoy their multiple valve thingies that suck in/let out water...oh and also how bumpy they are, but in a really soft bumpy way. Not hard bumpy like an armadillo. Here is a sweet video of an octopus, hope you enjoy ;o)


  1. Have you seen the Indonesian Mimic Octopus? Its crazy.

    heres a video

  2. Um. That video changed my LIFE! Thats SO COOOOL! I love his eyes that stick way out like "hi! look at me!" HAHAHAHA.

  3. awsome, best pencils i've seen for a long time.