Friday, May 8, 2009

Cute hoppy marsupial...or harbinger of death?!

So, upon first impression...kangaroos would probably be filed under the "cute" category. I mean, they have flopsy ears and a long funny tail and jump around all day. Not very threatening, right? WRONG. FURTHER INSPECTION reveals just how ridiculously RIPPED they are. Have you ever seen a kangaroo's thigh muscles? Also, they have ONE GIANT CLAW on each foot that could stab a hole through the ozone layer. They are also way mangier than I remembered...look at this guy! Doesn't he look like he just wants to kill something? Can't you see the hatred in those beady, souless eyes?

...Okay so maybe I should sick one of these roos on the jerk face who smashed my rear windshield in last night. Kangaroo claw through the eye! (Just kidding, that would be terrible.)

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