Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Nine Sons of the Dragon

Hi everyone! These are the first sketches for my new project, to design each of the nine mythological "sons" of the Chinese dragon. Each son is the guardian of a variety of different aspects of life, such as luck, love, etc ;o) I find this myth particularly attractive, as it involves the mash-up of a bunch of different types of animals. However, the theme of the dragon runs throughout each son's appearance, whether its scales or claws or whatever! This is the first of Dragon's nine sons, the Qi-Lin, or the Chinese unicorn. According to legend, it has the body of a deer, the head of a dragon, scales like a lizard, and a bear's tail!!! Anyways, should be fun to see where this ends up! As usual, thanks for stopping by!


  1. these are starting to look inspired :)

  2. Been a follower of your work for a while. Really really love your stuff. Your art even inspires me on my slower days. The motion and gestures. Awesome.

    On a similar thought, I would love to see this in full physical form. The motion and everything of your line work and gestures transferred onto clay. Good challenge but can be real awesome. If you haven't seen Andrea Blasich or Beth Cavener Stichter, check them out.

    Can't wait to see more awesome work from you.

  3. tdchiu- Thanks so much for your encouraging words and for dropping by! ;o) I LOVE Andrea Blasich's work- he's amazing!

  4. Hi Christine! I just found some of your art on your blog. It's amazing! Did you do any more work on this topic? I find it very interesting too. Thanks!