Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sheep shoops

Why is a single sheep and many sheep called the same thing!? They should be called shoops when theres just one!


  1. lol. I cant believe that anyone can draw that good! You are a true artist!!!! If you can, try drawing a wolf. it's my favorite animal, and most people take them the wrong way and think they are 'big, bad wolves' instead of what they really are: pure beauty. Plz try! Thnx!

  2. Hey Lauren ;o) Thanks for your kind words! I'll definitely try a wolf soon. I love canines.

  3. Really love your sheep :-) truly ignatius inghram counting sheep...

  4. haha! Love it! I would call them shoops too :D

    Shared your image and post at my Fiber/yarn page. Of course I credited and linked :)

    You are very talented Christime!


  5. Like your all she eps, really expressive sketches. :)